Poorly maintained tension gauges may cause severe damages

Almost every paper mill using forming fabrics has one: a mechanical tension gauge to measures the tension of Paper Machine Clothing, mostly forming fabrics. When these instruments are not in a perfect condition they can cause serious problems on the paper machine like torn fabrics, too narrow and/or too long fabrics and bearing failure.

Why papermakers need the freedom to experiment with machine clothing

If you have to replace PMC regularly, should your next piece perform the same as the last, or should you aim for continuous improvement?
Surprisingly, most papermakers choose the first option.
This whitepaper explains a dangerous production habit we need to break. It then offers a new approach to PMC trials that allows paper mills to better assess their machine clothing—and PMC suppliers to innovate.

Pulsation study with the FiberScan

On the board machine of an Austrian mill an unknown phenomenon regularly occurs. It comes up suddenly and is uncontrollable. It leads to unsaleable paper quality and many sheet breaks, hence much production loss. The problem is unstable streaks, meaning variations of mass, moisture and caliper in the paper web. These streaks are fluctuations of high and low basis weight in machine direction and are completely parallel over the full sheet width.This whitepaper describes how the cause of this problem was identified and solved with the help of a Feltest FiberScan.