To be frank ~ Daily Data Powers Production

Unleash the full potential of your press felts

In one way or another, we are all involved in getting the most out of our paper machines. More output means more profit for the company, more job security for us all and better chances for a promotion.

You can increase your machine output through better performing press felts. Simply because there is still a lot of potential in this part of the machine.


Imagine: ‘What if your paper left 1% dryer out of the press section…?’

Just by doing things a little bit differently?

You could very well be producing 4% more!


Hopefully, I will be able to inspire you to start a process of continuous improvement of your press felts, in conjunction with your suppliers. In order for that process to be successful, start collecting felt-related data on a daily basis. It becomes very easy, to assess if a felt was good or better. You create a valuable data set for your felt & fabric suppliers. Run trials and be able to assess the performance of both standard and trial felts.


On average, getting 1 percentage point dryer out of the press section results in 4% more output. So why be satisfied with 54% dry content after the nip, when it could be 55% or 56%? This would result in 4% and 8% more output respectively.


How many more tons would you produce if your machine has 4% or 8% more output?

Take a moment to think about it…

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Would you like to know how you can improve output by 4% without a major investment?

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To be frank – Daily Data Powers Production!


Marcel Lensvelt

Founder & CEO of Feltest