Increase safety

The Capto makes handling paper machine clothing safer for your machine operators - and your fabrics! 

With fast self-latching action, paired with our 4th generation rubber grips, the Capto will never slip off your felts or fabrics, even if they’re wet. You can even tie a rope through the handgrip to pull from a greater distance, taking worker safety to the next level.

Safer for the operators, safer for the expensive and delicate fabrics.

Developed for the papermaker

Like all Feltest products, the Capto is designed to help papermakers produce more paper - with more peace of mind. 

The Capto’s engineering-grade polyamide frame edges are rounded to reduce the risk of scratching your dewatering ceramics or fabrics.

And the new build quality and finish not only looks incredible, but withstands water, dust, and corrosion. And when you need to replace the grip pads, just swap them out easier than ever before!

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Changing forming fabric, press felts or dryer screens during a shutdown should take as little time as possible, should take as little effort of the operators as possible, and keep both Paper Machine Clothing and the operators safe.

The Feltest Capto does just that!


Frequently asked questions about the Feltest Capto puller for the most delicate forming fabrics, the heaviest press felts, and stiffest dryer fabrics.

The maximum pulling force for one Capto is 1000 N (± 100 kg | 220 lbs). Note that most people can generate a (horizontal) pulling force of about 40-45% of their bodyweight.

We offer spare pads, so you can swap them out. No need to buy a whole new Capto. You can find the spare pads in the online shop, in the spare parts section.

Yes, you can use it on the heaviest felts, the most delicate forming fabrics, and the stiffest dryer fabrics. The rubber pads are designed to have superb grip, even when the fabrics are wet.

No, the Capto is explicitly not designed for that. Only human force must be used to pull the Capto. Mechanical devices including, but not limited to, pulleys, levers or hoists may not be used in combination with the Capto, as the forces become too high and the Capto might deform, slip-off, and hurt people.

The Capto must always be positioned perpendicular to the fabric edge, as shown in this picture. It is not advisable to use the Capto under any other angle, as it reduces the contact area between Capto and fabric, increasing the chances of the fabric slipping out.

SpecificationsCapto (4th generation)
To be used onForming fabrics, press felts, dryer screens
Maximum pulling force1000 N (approx. 100 kg | 220 lbs.)
Maximum opening8 mm | 0.3 in
Clamping pad surface480 x 130 mm | 1.9 x 5.1 in
Clamping pad materialEPDM synthetic rubber
Frame materialPA 6.6 with steel reinforcements and aluminum cover
Weight0.84 kg | 1.85 lbs.
Dimensions (L x W x H)197 x 132 x89 mm | 7.8 x 5.2 x 3.5 in

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