BodyCooling Vest



使用 Feltest BodyCooling Vest 的三大理由:

  1. 减少脱水;注意力更集中
  2. 激活简单,可重复使用多次
  3. 为整个工作日带来凉爽;可保持数天!



极热条件会干扰人体内部平衡:过热导致头晕、脱水、耐力下降和不能集中注意力;所有严重的健康和安全风险 Feltest BodyCooling 背心中含有获得专利的水凝胶,通过体温蒸发水来有效地为身体降温。

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SizesMedium: adjustable to fit sizes XS to M Large: adjustable to fit sizes L to XXL
MaterialPolyester with flame retardant finish. Water absorbent, non-toxic hydro-gel polymer
ActivationSoak in water for 45 minutes or use ‘cold rinse’ in a washing machine. For additional cooling capacity, the vest can be put in a freezer for 8 hours.
Environmental conditions Ice cooling with frozen hydro-gel: up to 3 hours By evaporation: up to 48 hours of body cooling; standby for several days.
ReusableThe vest can be used many times (typically > 100), but the actual number of cycles depends on external circumstances like sweating etc.
FeaturesSignal orange patches, reflector stripes, 2 pockets on the back, zipper
WeightDry: 0.35 kg / 0.8 lb - fully activated: 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb.