Previously we asked you if working at 38°C / 100°F can be considered a health & safety risk: 71% answered “yes”. Feltest BodyCooling strongly reduces sweating, improving concentration and thus helping you to avoid “doing stupid things” when working under hot conditions.

Sweating is, at least in the paper industry, generally accepted as ‘part of the job’ and hardly seen as something dangerous. But the human brain is very sensitive to dehydration and the consequential loss of concentration is certainly a risk around running paper machines! More severe dehydration may cause dizziness and fainting which is even more dangerous around running machines.

When you wear the BodyCooling vest you will still notice the heat – it is not a personal air conditioning system. The big difference is that you are no longer sweating! An additional advantage is that you will recover much faster after being exposed to heat stress.

Find more details on the BodyCooling page on the Feltest website or request a quotation now!



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