The forming section has a big influence on both the paper machine’s efficiency and the quality of the produced paper or board. Use the Feltest FiberScanOne for optimization of the forming section.

FiberScanOne: a safe investment

The FiberScanONE is the world market leader when it comes to non-radioactive drainage analysis. But product development never stops and we make sure that all improvements or new features can also be implemented on older FiberScan-models. This way, you always have an instrument that is up-to-date, protecting your investment.

Advanced microwave technology

In the old days, everyone used a radioactive gamma gauge. Nowadays, there is the FiberScanOne that uses an innovative and patented microwave sensor. The field of applications is extremely wide, ranging from low speed/high grammage board machines up to the fastest tissue and newsprint machines. The microwave sensor only measures water and is not affected by the forming fabric, fillers, or nearby metal machine parts.

Three good reasons to use the Feltest FiberScanOne for drainage analysis

  1. Measure only what matters: water
  2. Quick setup with accurate, repeatable and reliable results
  3. Safe, new technology; no radioactive source!


Analyze what?

Many formation and runnability problems begin in the forming section of the paper machine. Investigate the effects of forming fabric designs, fabric wear, machine settings and chemical dosage changes. Make trend curves to truly understand what is going on; investigate machine direction mass variations. Take a look at our report on a pulsation study, done with the FiberScan.

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