Stop the money leaks!
Let’s face it: production stops are a nightmare. Especially in the multimillion dollar paper industry. Instead of paper, the money is going out the door. For sure you could do without this couldn’t you? But is there a way to fight back? Yes there is!


Maximize runnability
As you know press felts must be in good condition to obtain a good runnability of the paper machine. Incorrect permeability of the press felts will negatively affect the machine’s runnability. It will cost you money! That’s why it is essential to measure the felt’s condition on a regular basis.


Stop guessing, start measuring
An easy and affordable way to get an indication of permeability is to measure how much air the Uhle box draws through the felt. Not by taking a wild guess, but by making it factual. The Feltest AirSpeed/2 is the ideal instrument to do so. The new low-friction measuring head contains a high precision vane and all the parts are perfectly suited for the rough corrosive environment of paper mills.


Grab the chance by grabbing the tool
Using this super useful tool, you will accurately and quickly determine the openness of your press felts. And there’s more: it can also be used for a sound planning of machine stops. Never start the felt washing too early or too late.

So start measuring and stop your money leaks!


NEW! The new carbon telescopic rod and the new measuring head for both slotted and perforated Uhle boxes!
If you already use the Airspeed/2 and would like to experience the advantages of the new measurement head, please contact me.

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