Press rolls in paper machines are crowned to achieve a uniform nip contact over the entire face of the roll under a given nip pressure. The amount of crowning depends on the roll body and cover, the deflection of the roll and the nip pressure range.

  • over time the roll cover will wear, changing the crowning profile
  • over time the elastic properties of the roll cover will change
  • producing at higher speeds usually means higher press loads and changed dynamic deflection of the rolls
  • a change in crowning of the engaging roll has a strong effect on the mating roll

Feltest products to check the press load of paper machines

Feltest Carbon Paper – an easy and affordable way to check the ‘footprint’ of 2 mating rolls

Fuji Pressure Sensitive Film – obtain detailed information on the length, width and pressure variations of the nip.

Advanced Analysis of Fuji Film – convert the information from the Fuji film into a clear, full width profile of the press.