Correct tension equals improved runnability, decreased costs and improved productivity. The Feltest Tensiomaster is guaranteed to provide you with all this. It also measures felt quality and felt tension. The TensioMaster tension meter also checks the tension control felt.


Three good reasons to measure tension with the TensioMaster

  1. Calibrated for forming fabrics, but also suitable to measure changes in felts and dryer fabrics.
  2. Prevent wrinkles, torn fabrics and avoid unplanned downtime.
  3. It’s easy, quick and reliable.


Reasons enough for a regular check!

Paper Machine Clothing running with the wrong or uneven tension has a highly negative effect on the machine’s runnability.
Common problems are: less fabric stability, wrinkles, fabric wear, changing dewatering behavior, distorted paper profiles, increased bearing load, broken rolls and torn fabrics. With a dial or a mechanical tension gauge, such as the Tensiomaster, these problems will belong to the past.


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Measuring principelMeasuring travel on a predetermined spring load
Measuring range0.5 – 20 N/mm
Suitable forForming fabrics, press felts, dryer screens
Safety featuresOne hand operation. Measures in any position. Sliding pointer mechanism
ProtectionIP 64 (splash water proof)
Weight1.16 kg / 2.56 lb