Checking the vacuum in your suction boxes on a regular basis can be done in no time.


Measure where it matters – at the Uhle box

The vacuum that is available at the Uhle box for felt dewatering can differ tremendously from the pump vacuum. Just think of contaminations, blocked valves, other vacuum consumers, etc.
Therefore, if you want to know the vacuum at the felt suction boxes there is only one place to measure…


Three good reasons to measure the real vacuum at the Uhle boxes

1. Pump vacuum ≠ vacuum at the Uhle boxes
2. Always use the same manometer
3. It is easy, quick and reliable


Quickly determine vacuum anywhere

The compact hollow pipe (Ø 8 mm) with smooth tip is narrow enough to get access to practically all types of Uhle box slots.
Checking your complete vacuum system on a regular basis can be done in no time. This enables full control over the vacuum system.

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Total weight0.3 kg / 0.66 lb
MaterialsSteel casing with brass plug and tube from stainless steel
Size tube270 x Ø8 mm / 10.6 x Ø0.32 in
Size housingØ 42 mm / Ø 1.65 in