The Paper Machine Clothing of each individual position must run at precisely set speeds. But are they really doing that?


Why measure if you can comfortably check the speeds in the control room?

The speeds shown in the Drive Control System (DCS) are calculated values, depending on correct input of the roll diameters and data about the fabric caliper.
To eliminate human DCS input errors or faulty assumptions when troubleshooting the machine, it is best to measure where it matters: on the surface of the rolls and fabrics!

Three good reasons to measure the speed with the RealSpeed

1. Unexpected speed differences cause quality and runnability problems
2. Identify slipping rolls that cause extreme clothing wear
3. Done in minutes; it is easy, quick and reliable


The RealSpeed versions

The RealSpeed hand grip with wheel can be connected to the battery operated control unit in two ways; by cable (RealSpeed basic) or through a wireless connection (RealSpeed wireless).

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Speed range0.1 – 3000 m/min, 0.3 – 9840 ft/min
Accuracy0.05% ± 1 digit.
Read-out unitsm/s, m/min, m/h, ft/s, ft/min, ft/h
To be used onForming fabrics, press felts, dryer screens, rolls
Wheel diameter Ø 100 mm, 3.94 in
Measuring wheelsone wheel for rolls, forming and dryer fabrics; one wheel especially for press felts
Temperature range0-60°C / 32-140°F (long term measurements) 0-90°C / 32-195°F (short term measurements)
WeightWeight of parts held during measuring: 1.25 kg, 2.75 lb Complete set including carrying case: 5 kg, 11 lb
Power supply4 x AA type disposable batteries
Options- Wireless connection between wheel and control unit
- Optical sensor
-Control unit with adjustable input sensitvity