The PresScan helps you understand what is going on in the press section. Felt (water) profiles contain vital information on the performance of the press section.


Three good reasons to use the PresScan

1. Improve overall paper machine performance
2. Proven and solid technology
3. The best value for money with a moderate investment


Optimize the press section

For both the paper maker and the press felt supplier, it is important to know the felt’s water content, as it helps to optimize the dewatering. Simply measure before and after an Uhle box or the nip to understand what is happening. Uneven felt profiles may cause poor sheet profiles, such as crowning problems, worn nozzles, etc.


Operator safety

Operator safety has top priority in the industry and sometimes the details make the difference. The PresScan comes with a fold-out handle. At positions where it is necessary, it is easy to keep more distance and still obtain the valuable information from the press felt.

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