Stroboscopic inspection lights make rotating machinery appear frozen. At full production speeds, this allows to see what is happening in slow motion, and in turn helps to optimize the machine settings.


Three good reasons to use the Power Strobe

  1. Immediate and detailed inspection of problem areas
  2. A clear picture up to 5 meters/15 feet distance
  3. Quick and reliable and easy to use


Study with the Feltest Power Strobe

The light beam of the waterproof strobe is highly focused, clearly illuminating areas at up to 5-6 meters distance. This enables you to see the formation activity, the dewatering process, the condition of the nozzles, plugging of suction rolls, etc.



Just to mention a few: the jet impingement, turbulence and stock jumping, pulsations, transfer points, motion analysis, verify rope speed, fan blades, cardan drive shafts, check nozzle performance and monitor lubrication systems.


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SpecificationsPower Strobe
Max. light output1720 lux @ 5 m distance with 100% nintensity, 6000 FPM*
Flash Rates in FPM*FPM* | Intensity | Energy output | Battery life
FPM = flashes per minute18000 | 33% | 0.28 Joules/flash | 60 min.
12000 | 66% | 0.43 Joules/flash | 22 min.
6000 | 100% | 0.85 Joules/flash | 14 min.
Dimensions168 x 162 x 336 mm / 6.6 x 6.4 x 13.2 in
Weight2.3 kg / 5.1 lb (including battery)
BatteryRechargeable 14.4 V, 2.4 Ah NiCd battery
Battery chargerInput: 90 -‐ 250V AC, please indicate plug type on order
Triggering130 x 103 x 29 mm
WeightInternal: 30 FPM to 18 000 FPM with an accuracy of 0.01%/°C External: video 1 Vp-p unterminated trigger