Fuji and Carbon Paper

Non-uniform nip loads often lead to many problems, like sheet profile deviations and poor machine runnabillity. Nip load irregularities can cause costly replacements of felts and roll covers.


Feltest Carbon Paper

With Carbon Paper you can determine the nip width between two static rolls. The pressure sensitive Carbon Paper changes color after closing the nip shortly, leaving behind a nip “footprint”. It is an economical solution for determining proper crowning, roll parallelism and alignment, and symmetrical loading.


Carbon Pressure Sensitive paper

The pressure sensitive paper has limitless applications, both in large industries as well as smaller operating machines. The Carbon Paper comes in large rolls, much like the Fuji pressure sensitive film, another type of pressure sensitive paper.

Advanced Analysis of Fuji Film

The exact interpretation of the Fuji Film can also be automated by a scanner and dedicated optical software. This analysis instrument reads and interprets nip width and nip pressure data automatically. The result is an easy to use chart, containing both the nip width and the load.

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