Caliper Profiler

Monitor the wear of forming fabrics and the condition of press felts on your running paper machine! Get to know your caliper profile now!


The Feltest Caliper Profiler on press felts

Press felts are complex products with a big influence on the runnability of the paper machine. To properly judge the condition of a press felt, you need to know the caliper, but also the permeability (Feltest AirSpeed/2) and the water content (Feltest PresScan). This felt thickness meter will test that just for you!


Three good reasons to measure the caliper of running forming fabrics and press felts

  1. Monitor the condition of the clothing by facts, not feelings.
  2. Determine wear and compaction for a sound planning of stops.
  3. It’s easy, quick and reliable!


The Feltest Caliper Profiler on forming fabrics

The Caliper Profiler measures the true fabric caliper profile, not influenced by water films (water skiing of the feelers) or contaminations on the fabric’s surface. The built-in memory will always fetch the important minimum caliper and an edge profile is made within seconds.


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SpecificationsCaliper Profiler
Accuracy and units ± 0.01 mm or ± 0.40 mil
Dimensions (l x h x d)431 x 127 x 25 mm
Weight / including carrying case1.8 / 4.8 kg
BatteryOne standard 9 Volt battery
Typical battery life> 1 year
ProtectionIP 64
PC connectionUSB – cable included
Software requirementWindows XP or higher
Languages softwateEnglish & German