The operational advantage of being cool

I asked Mike, Sales manager at Feltest, to write something about his latest sales success. He was more than happy to tell me about his new connections with Japan. So this is what happened.


In close cooperation with our trusted manufacturer of the Hydrogel ™ BodyCooling vest and Feltest sales representative Mr. Toshimichi Hashimoto from the company IGT Testing Systems K.K. in Chiba-ken, we have sold 1.000 Feltest BodyCooling vests to the Japanese Paper mills of OJI Paper, a business line of OJI Holdings Cooperation.


The journey started with Mr. Hashimoto showing some product samples of the vests to the decision makers at various OJI Paper mills.
Seeing is believing. No, testing is believing! After testing the Feltest BodyCooling vests, the OJI Paper mills were more than convinced that the benefits of the BodyCooling vests would contribute to a safer working environment for the paper machine operators in their factories.


They were over the moon and experienced immediately the benefits:
1. Less dehydration; better concentration
2. Simple to activate and reusable many times
3. Brings cooling for a full working day; remains in standby for days!

Of course there are much more reasons to use the body cooling vest. Let me point them out for you.
Working in or around hot paper machines is dangerous for both the production and maintenance crews; safety is a HOT topic. Prevent heat stress situations and wear an iced vest!


Heat stress, disturbed balance
Extreme heat conditions disturb the balance in the human body: heat causes dizziness, dehydration, lower endurance levels and concentration loss; all serious health and safety risks. The Feltest BodyCooling vest contains a patented hydrogel that uses body heat to evaporate water; this effectively cools down the body.



Heat Stress & Safety
Avoid unnecessary heat stress during unplanned downtime, feeding the paper tail, working at hot positions. The Feltest BodyCooling vest provides effective cooling for a full working day. After activation, the vest remains in standby (when stored in a refrigerator) for about a week. Instant cooling when you need it!
Please contact Sales Manager Mike Peeters for more information about the Feltest BodyCooling vests and how to buy!

I wish you a warm summer with lot’s of cooling with our body cooling vests!
Marcel Lensvelt

Would you like to learn more about the company’s involved in this successful sales project?

About our agent: IGT Testing Systems K.K.
IGT Testing Systems Co., Ltd. started as a graphic technology research and development institution in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1939 (TNO). Currently, I am working as a testing equipment maker (private enterprise). We have greatly increased the number of papermaking and pulp machines and testing machines handled!

About our customer: Oji Holdings Corporation
The major lines of business are Industrial Materials (Boxboard, Packaging Materials and Containerboard, Folding Cartons, Paper Bags and Corrugated Containers), Household and Consumer Products (Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Paper Diapers, Wet Wipes), Functional Materials (Imaging media, Specialty paper, Adhesive products, Functional film), Forest Resources and Environment Marketing (Lumber, Pulp, Energy), Printing and Communications Media (Newsprint, Printing and writing paper, Communications paper).
The overseas activities of Oji Group began in the 1970s with the establishment of a pulp production operation in Brazil, since then, they have continually expanded overseas operations.

The Oji Group has grown into a global company group with diversified businesses and overseas sales ratio of over 25%, with the management philosophy of “Creation of Innovative Values”, “Contribution to Future and the World”, and “Harmony with Nature and Society”. In the midst of the recent drastically and rapidly changing business environment, Oji reaffirms its commitment towards being a manufacturing company that meets the ever-changing needs of the times and supports our future. Oji Group will continue advancing forward, aiming towards the development of a sustainable society.

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