Feltest Strategy 2018 to improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing

Dear Feltest Customer,

The famous Dutch soccer player Johan Cruijff once cryptically said that “every disadvantage has its advantage.” He was right. When I started Feltest early in 2008, just before the biggest recession in modern times, my timing was certainly a disadvantage. I felt the only way to survive was to create superb value for money. This turned out to be an important advantage and now Feltest can celebrate its first ten-year anniversary!

The Feltest team recently conducted a Customer Satisfaction survey (thanks to all who participated!). I’m happy to say the survey confirmed that you truly appreciate the efforts of the Feltest team. You are pleased with our customer service and take satisfaction in the quality of our products. Ambitious as we are, this only encourages us to do even better in 2018.

In order to serve you better, we will improve our communication on how to get the best of your Feltest product. This year you may expect from Feltest:

• Additional white papers on how to improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing;
• Videos on how to get the best of Feltest instruments;
• Useful information and product support when you purchase an instrument;
• and much more…

Not every mill utilizes all the benefits of what a small investment can do to improve their runnability and bottom line. By smartly using all of our instruments they can gain a major advantage on those who do not, or at least hardly, measure themselves. Although Feltest has a wide range of products, our focus lies with the measuring instruments that bring mills increased production, like the new TensioPlus.

This brings me to product development. I have learned that this is a slow and hard-to-predict process. In the past I have gotten a little carried away, announcing the introduction dates of new products, but now I will not fall into that trap again. I’m happy to say that our development processes are now more structured than ever; later this year we will be adding a new member to our team, so it wouldn’t surprise me if…. Oops, I almost did it again!

As an independent partner of the Paper Industry, Feltest will continue to help you to optimize Paper Machine Clothing with knowledge and original, easy-to-use products in 2018. Expect a myriad of helpful information and different beneficial proposals. We will do everything we can to support your business to reach its full potential. Let’s stay in touch!

Can’t wait to discuss the operational and financial benefits of our instruments for your machine? Book a timeslot in my calender now


PS – See all of our products in a glance on product overview

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