Packing my bags for next adventure

Next week, on October 23, 24 and 25, at the Transamerica ExpoCenter in São Paulo, the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (ABTCP) will hold Latin America’s main international congress and exhibition. A great event what I will be attending for the second time.


The Capto Challange
I always enjoy travelling to Brazil and I’m really looking forward to this trip. The last time I visited Brazil was 2 years ago. Maybe you still remember our very successful Capto Challenge?


We were all so enthusiastic (and noisy) that unfortunately we were not allowed to repeat this big fun competition ☹. The good thing is: since then I have noticed a big increase in interest in Feltest products, also from other countries as Argentina, Chile and Colombia.


Cooling down at the Feltest Booth

It also made me think: what else I can do to make a long day at a exhibition more fun and relaxing? This was easy. Recently we had a big success with the Feltest BodyCooling vest. This product is great. It prevents you from overheating which results in better concentration and faster recovery after hot work. The perfect product for a good long COOLING DOWN.

Want to be cool and reload new energy? Meet me at the Feltest booth and try our BodyCooling vest!

We challenge you! The two visitor who makes the most original picture wearing the BodyCooling vest will win a BodyCooling vest.


Meet me at booth 56
But the main reason for me to attend these exhibitions and conferences worldwide is to meet up with you. Please come over to booth 56 for a chat or just plan a meet & greet with me. You can schedule a Skype/phone call or meeting with me here.

Hope to see you there!

Marcel Lensvelt


Details about this event
On October 23, 24 and 25, at the Transamerica ExpoCenter in São Paulo, the Brazilian Pulp and Paper Technical Association (ABTCP) will hold Latin America’s main international congress and exhibition focused on the pulp and paper industry’s production chain, offering the public a series of parallel events free of charge. ABTCP 2018 – 51st Pulp and Paper International Congress and Exhibition, held simultaneously with the 10th CIADICYP, promoted by the IberoAmerican Network for Teaching and Research on Pulp, Paper and Lignocellulosic Products (Riadicyp), presents the theme “Beyond the 4th Industrial Revolution: Humanized Connections between Design, Innovation, Technology and Culture”.

In addition to the traditional technical sessions organized based on papers selected for this year’s presentations, the exhibition area will showcase O Papel Magazine 79th Anniversary Forum – Market and Management, a Sebrae Space, a workshop of Innovation in Practice, with the objective of fostering new ideas and solutions for the sector, and a Key Leaders panel. “The sector is undergoing a period of transitions and continues investing. Our event, which focuses on innovation for competitiveness, will show professionals the impacts of the new Industrial Revolution on production and changes in humanized connections in production processes.

ABTCP 2018 also plays a key role in networking and exchanging information between all companies,”, says ABTCP’s executive director Darcio Berni. In 2017, according to statistical analyses conducted by the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) and Pöyry, investments in the sector totaled R$6.7 billion, with R$3.2 billion in forests and R$3.5 billion in industry. Brazilian pulp broke a new record in 2017 with 19.5 million tons produced, 67% of which was exported. With this, Brazil guaranteed the #2 position in the ranking of top pulp producers in the world, ahead of Canada and China. In terms of paper, the country produced 10.5 million tons.

The Congress program is broken down into technical and thematic sessions, as well as a posters session. Another high point of the event is that ABTCP has confirmed the participation of keynote speakers from several countries (, on topics that range from big data, biorefineries, enzymes, nanotechnology, tissue 4.0, bioeconomy, biomass and biofuels, among other trends at modern pulp mills.

With big names from the sector already confirmed, including producing companies, the International Pulp and Paper Exhibition, which occurs every two years, is preparing to receive visitors from various regions. In the last edition, the event had more than 6 thousand visitors and 74 exhibitors, which showcased their technologies and got even closer to their target audiences, strengthening relations in the sector’s production chain.

This year, ABTCP will award the booth that presents the Best Technical Communication. The visiting public will be able to vote on the best booth during the three days of the event. Click here to see a list of exhibitors:

Want to learn more about the Feltest Capto and the Feltest BodyCooling vest?


            Feltest Capto                                                     Feltest BodyCooling vest


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