Let’s meet at Conferences & Exhibitions worldwide

Do you agree that there is no substitute for meeting eachother in person? Especially when you can talk about your business: improving the paper making process. That’s why I actively participate in conferences and exhibitions for the paper industry.


It feels good to notice that “the industry” appreciates my experience in optimizing the performance of Paper Machine Clothing. Conferences give me the opportunity to share my vision with papermakers worldwide, who have several easy options to improve their runnability.


I’m looking forward to see you in the following conferences and exhibitions:


April 15-18, Papercon in Charlotte, NC, USA.
Marcel Lensvelt will give a presentation on measuring felt permeability; booth 735

• April 25-26, Pulp Paper World Forum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Marcel Lensvelt will give his vision on the interaction between paper makers and their clothing suppliers.

• June 20-22, Latam Paper in Panama City, Panama.
Marcel Lensvelt will give a presentation on measuring felt permeability; booth 735.

• August 29-31, China Paper Exhibition in Shanghai, China.
Mike Peeters will be present on booth A201 of Kandas International.

• October 23-25, ABTCP in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.
Feltest will exhibit at booth 56

A Dutchman in Japan

Feltest has customers in approx. 75 countries, but for a long time Japan was a bit of a blind spot. When I started working with Mr. Toshi Hashimoto of IGT Systems KK as a new representative, this was an excellent reason to visit Japan and explore a bit of its pulp & paper industry.  Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world and also the P&P industry is considerable with its approx. 150 mills (USA: 400, Brazil: 200, Germany: 165). With this in mind, I was a bit surprised by the scale of Japan Tappi event. I more-or-less expected to see a big, high-tech designed exhibition area. But no such thing. The exhibition was actually quite minimalistic; two large halls full with long lines of uniform table-tops where companies presented their products & services. Especially the Body Cooling Vest which avoids dehydration, attracted a lot of interest. The Japanese take health and safety very serious.



As 99% of the participants and visitors came from Japan, everything was in Japanese. This introduced some new challenges to me, even simple things like finding the restrooms! With the help of Mr. Hashimoto, it was possible to have good conversations with Japanese papermakers and Paper Machine Clothing suppliers. Because at the end of day, paper is made the same way all over the globe, including all the challenges papermakers are facing every day. With my Dutch mindset it took a while to adjust, I truly appreciate Japan for its modest spirit, its minimalistic design and its focus on quality. My first acquaintance with Japan was a good one!


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