How to determine if your press felt needs replacing

In the Netherlands we have a saying, ‘meten is weten’, which literally translates to ‘measuring is knowing’. I guess we Dutchies like to analyze before we act. And basically, it says it all when it comes to the maintenance of your paper machine and its components.

While I consider press felts to be the most complicated piece of machine clothing there is, measuring its permeability doesn’t necessarily have to be. It doesn’t even have to be expensive for that matter. Determining what course of action to take when you’ve discovered something’s wrong? That’s something

Our product of the month: the AirSpeed/2 monitors the permeability of the press felts in your paper machine. The AirSpeed/2 will tell you whether the felt is too open, too dense or just right. We won’t bore you with the technicalities. We’ve got a handy brochure about the AirSpeed/2 for that.

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NEW! The new carbon telescopic rod and the new measuring head for both slotted and perforated Uhle boxes!

If you already use the Airspeed/2 and would like to experience the advantages of the new measurement head, please contact me.

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