Feltest, globally active supplier of high quality, innovative measuring instruments and tools for the paper industry, is introducing its new logo. For Feltest, this marks the next step in its development: continuous innovation of its extensive product portfolio of tools and equipment developed in-house.

Managing Director Marcel Lensvelt fully concentrates on ‘maximizing runnability’ for his customer base. Lensvelt: “For my customers, 15 minutes of non-optimal production represents huge costs. The people who work at the paper machine are continuously under pressure to deliver a sheet of high quality paper or board. The better the runnability, the more constant the paper quality is, leading to a better yield for the paper mill.”

New product launches
In spite of the economic turmoil, Feltest has managed to grow, mainly because it has proven to be capable of launching new products developed in-house time and again. Lensvelt: “Paper is a natural product which in itself makes it a non-constant factor in the production process. Our equipment enables paper mills to measure and monitor the relevant parts and components while the machine is running (normally at over 100 km/h or 60 mph). In this way, a newly developing problem can be tackled before the machine comes to a standstill.”

Globally successful
Feltest aims to introduce its latest unique and revolutionary measuring instrument at the beginning of 2014. This compact gauge facilitates an easy measurement of the felt moisture profiles, resulting in a higher production quality and a minimization of failure costs. At the same time, Feltest will introduce a new version of its successful Capto gripper, widely used in many paper mills globally for displacing and installing felts and other heavy fabrics.


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