At Feltest our engineers are finalizing a revolutionary instrument for measuring the moisture profiles in press felts. The future of papermaking is coming!

The paper industry aims at meeting the highest standards in quality and productivity. Because of its complex, extensive and vulnerable production process, optimal control is of major importance. One of the most delicate aspects of producing paper is to continuously obtain an even moisture profile over the width of the machine. Serious problems arise when this is not the case, often resulting in complaints from internal and external customers like offline coaters, printers and box makers.

The earlier in the production process you can check the moisture profile, the less you have to correct it at the end. A better profile coming out of the press section simply means better quality and better productivity. As it is impossible to measure the moisture profile of the sheet within the press section, measuring the moisture profiles of the press felts is the only alternative.

Shortly, Feltest will be providing you with the tool to check the press felt moisture profiles: the Aequo (pronounced as Aa-kwo). Ever since Feltest’s engineers started developing Aequo the focus has been on simplicity, use-of-ease and affordability.

Three main features distinguish Aequo from other products in the market. The robust handheld instrument enhances flexibility and enables measuring where and whenever necessary. Further development of the tool will also make it applicable for integration with existing online systems. And last but not least, pricing is very favorable and should not be an obstacle to any papermaker willing to invest in quality and lower production costs.

CEO Marcel Lensvelt: “Everything concerning the basic technology and measuring principles is in place. We are now concentrating on aspects of ergonomics and on optimizations. This summer we will introduce pilot runs with a number of European launching customers. We expect the European market introduction by the end of the year, the rest of the world will follow in 2017.”

Feltest Aequo animatie

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