Back in the USA, up to Panama

It’s always great to visit ‘the States’, this time to give a presentation at the Papercon conference (in Charlotte, NC). The conference is the biggest event in North America. My trip started quite stormy and it was not Stormy Daniels.

No! It was my first tornado. What a force of nature, very impressive. After quick adjustment to the climate I headed straight to the conference hall. Next time I really should plan extra time for some site seeing, the area is beautiful. The conference hall looked as you would expect: solid and well equipped. Entering the building, there was a big area for booths and more than 50 adjacent rooms for presentations. This substantial amount of space is needed, because the comprehensive program contained more than two hundred non-commercial presentations and technical meetings. This is what makes the Papercon conference really interesting: openly sharing available knowledge amongst peers.



A new trend?
During the exhibition hours, when I was at the Feltest booth, I met interesting people from the American paper industry. It seems that the attitude towards free service measurements from Paper Machine Clothing suppliers is slowly shifting towards a more independent position. Papermakers still appreciate all the efforts and knowledge they receive from the experienced service engineers, but at the same time they also realize that “there ain’t such thing as a free lunch”. Several mills from groups like Domtar, PCA and UPM are already doing several standard measurements themselves and call in the supplier’s service engineers for more complex analysis. This is a trend I fully believe in – not completely coincidentally it was the subject of my presentation at Papercon 2015.

Close to the end of the event, I was able to present my paper on judging the felt permeability on running paper machines. In this presentation I made my case that as a papermaker you can avoid production loss and achieve a better operational result by measuring felt permeability on a regular basis. With the Airspeed and the Caliper Profiler we offer specific solutions to support these objectives. If you were not there, you can watch my presentation here. If you have any questions or remarks, please share your thoughts with me!

Share your felt related challenges and watch the presentation for free?
From June 20th to 22nd I will be presenting the same whitepaper I presented in the US on judging the felt permeability during the Latam Paper event in Panama City. It is a new type of event of in total two days, focusing on papermakers from all over Latin America with technical presentations.

Check the presentation I gave earlier and let me know if you recognize my observations in your production environment. It would be great if you would share your specific challenges and any additional comments with me. It would enable me to use new and actual cases in my next presentation. Of course I will reach out to you and give personal advice to return the favor.


Attending the Latam Paper event is only possible through invitation – if you are a Latin American papermaker and you would like to attend, just contact me through email:



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