To enhance the performance and lifetime of paper machine clothing, Feltest offers a wide range of runnability products. We are the first choice of major paper makers world-wide, because we use the most advanced, precision technology required to measure and manage the complex properties of fabrics used in paper making.


the best-known tension gauge in the paper industry

Caliper Profiler

edge caliper profiles on the running machine!


operator independent tension measurements; 3 separate calibrations for PMC


the high output stroboscope for the widest paper machines


measure airflow through the press felt at the Uhle box

PocketStrobe LED

an extremely portable and waterproof stroboscope


measure the true speed of fabrics and rolls


drainage and pulsation studies in the forming section


the alternative felt moisture meter!


measure the vacuum where it matters: in the Uhle box!

Fuji and Carbon Paper

Fuji Paper measures nip load and length, the scanner gives objective values and profiles