Fabric clamp Feltest Capto
Forming fabrics are delicate and expensive products that need to be handled with great care. Installing a new wire into the Paper Machine can be a difficult task; forming fabrics are expensive, delicate and difficult to grab and to pull into the machine.

The Feltest Capto gripper is designed to handle heavy, yet delicate fabrics in a comfortable way. Click here for more details.


Feltest Body Cooling           Prevent heat stress

Hot working conditions negatively affect the concentration level; an unwanted situation around a paper machine! During a machine stop, all work must be carried out safely and quickly, minimizing the health risks for the people and the downtime of the machine.

The same applies during troubleshooting, feeding the paper tail or emergency repairs: people must stay alert and focused. The Feltest Body Cooling vest is the ideal auxiliary for anybody working near the paper machine.

FiberScan Ceramic Plate replacement kit
For those using the FiberScan with full size ceramic sensor head, this kit can be very helpful in the field. It contains a diamond file to smoothen any sharp edges on the ceramic plate. When it needs to be replaced, the kit contains new screws, a screwdriver, Loctite, plus some other useful spare parts.