Feltest Equipment BV was founded in 1992. Press felt designer Niek Lensvelt wanted to know how the compaction of felts changed over time so that he could improve the performance of his felts.
As there was no appropriate instrument on the market with the desired accuracy and repeatability, he designed an instrument himself. The result of his efforts is the original Caliper Gauge, nowadays called the Feltest Caliper Gauge “Classic”.

In 1995, Niek’s son Marcel joined the company. Together, they where responsible for the Sales and Service for several Paper Machine Clothing suppliers. In 2008, Niek retired and Marcel continued Feltest Equipment BV, adding new high quality products to the portfolio every year.


At Feltest, sales & product development is done by engineers who dealt with the typical demands and circumstances of the paper industry for many years. Feltest Equipment develops measuring instruments and tools to help you improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing, like forming fabrics, press felts and dryer screens. Feltest products are used world-wide by all major Paper Machine Clothing manufacturers.


It is clearly stated in Feltest´s mission: Feltest’s equipment and tools help to maximize paper machine runnability, paper quality and the life of paper machine clothing. In this way the paper industry saves money, natural resources and improves the safety for their operators. On a daily basis Feltest innovates the technology that is the foundation of Feltest equipment.